Energy Saving for Everyone!

Nest Pro Installed Nest Learning Thermostat with Installation

Energy Saving for Everyone! With over 10 years in the market the team at Nest is now consistent with one thing year on year. It’s being the leading choice for Smart Home Heating solutions. With technology that can let you know if there are any issues with your heating or cooling system with a simple […]

Nest Installation

Nest Pro London Install Services

Nest Installation – Why Get One? So far, there is no silver bullet to climate change and there’s no one person or company that is solving it. Instead it takes all of us, it takes all our ideas. Nest knew the average household waste a huge chunk of energy when the thermostat is left set […]

What is a Nest Pro? (UK edition)

Nest Pro Service Provider

What is a Nest Pro? A Nest Pro is a company that has registered with google’s Nest Pro Search site. Each company will qualify to fit some or all Nest of the products.  The Nest Pro’s are given a Pro ID to identify the company installing to Google. Also for warranty purposes.   Customers can then […]

Can Installing a Smart Thermostat be a DIY Project?

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Can Installing a Smart Thermostat be a DIY Project? It is of course possible to save some money by installing or replacing a thermostat yourself, but you will need some basic electrical knowledge and a full understanding of the equipment being used. While you may think it’s a great idea to install yourself, (seen the […]

What is the ideal home temperature?


What is the ideal home temperature? What is the ideal temperature to heat my home? Often at home it becomes a competition as to what temperature to have the thermostat set to., with different occupants having different ideas of the ideal temperature. Crazy as it may seem,1 in 20 people have their thermostat up to […]

Nest or Hive?

Nest or Hive? These days when looking for a smart thermostat heating system for your home it tends to come down to either Nest or Hive. Firstly though why install a smart thermostat? The main reason is to dramatically reduce energy wastage, saving money for the consumer and of course doing your bit for the […]

Why Buy a Smart Thermostat?

Nest Learning Thermostat Install

Why Buy a Smart Thermostat Smart controls can learn the temperature preferences of a building’s occupants. Making buildings more energy-efficient is not only a cost-saving measure but crucial to tackling climate change.  Automation will always make the most of the situation but requires sensory data, such as indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity and occupancy status […]