Nest Pro London 🧰 Nest Thermostat with Installation

Nest or Hive?

Nest or Hive? These days when looking for a smart thermostat heating system for your home it tends to come down to either Nest or Hive. Firstly though why install a smart thermostat? The main reason is to dramatically reduce energy wastage, saving money for the consumer and of course doing your bit for the […]

Why Buy a Smart Thermostat?

Nest Learning Thermostat Install

Why Buy a Smart Thermostat Smart controls can learn the temperature preferences of a building’s occupants. Making buildings more energy-efficient is not only a cost-saving measure but crucial to tackling climate change.  Automation will always make the most of the situation but requires sensory data, such as indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity and occupancy status […]

How does the nest thermostat save money? text only

How does the nest thermostat save money? Let’s start by looking at a conventional heating system. You set the temperature, you decide the times to come on and off. Many people turn their heating off after bed time then on in the morning again. Maybe there is a holiday mode, a one or two week […]

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