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Can Installing a Smart Thermostat be a DIY Project?

It is of course possible to save some money by installing or replacing a thermostat yourself, but you will need some basic electrical knowledge and a full understanding of the equipment being used.

While you may think it’s a great idea to install yourself, (seen the videos) there are potential consequences of incorrect installation. Here are 6 things Google won’t highlight before you purchase a thermostat. The risks of:

  • Electric shock.
  • Blowing a circuit breaker
  • Damaging the thermostat unit, or your electrical system.
  • Poorly located thermostat,
  • Incorrect wiring can make the installation of a thermostat a longer, more frustrating, and more complicated process.
  • Advanced systems often require more detail to determine the best options and can be more expensive to set up.

Thermostat Wiring Concerns

Thermostats have vastly developed over the last few decades, not to mention just the last few years. Because most systems will be configured with a newer style thermostat, and they no longer resemble the more basic systems of the past.

Therefor configuring and wiring of these newer thermostats does demand a level of expertise in electrical wiring just to understand how to correctly setup your configuration.

Obviously, besides the risk of electrocuting yourself, you should consider damage to the thermostat during installation. Sending too much current through the unit, for instance, may cause evevoracible and costly damage to the Thermostat.

So it may indeed be more long term cost effective to use an experienced professional to install.

Manufacturers Warranty

There is also a major consideration to make with regards to the warranty when considering a DIY installation

Often manufacturers will void a thermostat’s warranty if a professional doesn’t carry out the installation.

Any warranty is ultimately designed to give a high level of peace of mind for the consumer.

Smart Thermostat Performance Risks

Thermostats should function more reliably when they’re installed by a trained professional.

After all, most consumers are upgrading their thermostat to ensure maximum energy efficiency, reliability, and comfort. So why risk those by installing the unit yourself if you are not a qualified installer?

The DIY approach might sound appealing, but are you ready to pay for it later with repairs or with high heating bills?

Some of the reasons why to choose Nest Pro London for your installation are;

  • Long term the most cost effective option

  • Peace of mind

  • Maximise savings and efficiency of your new thermostat

  • Maintenance of the Manufacturer’s warranty

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Can Installing a Smart Thermostat Be a DIY Project?
Doesn't have to Be!