Nest Pro London 🧰 Nest Thermostat with Installation

Why Buy

The Nest Thermostat

Why Buy a Nest Thermostat?

Top 3 Reasons:

Don’t get up!
Use your phone


Control heating and hot water schedules from an easy to use app. Looks great too!

Location Automation


If you go out, it turns the heating down. It happens in the background, you don’t need to open your phone or remember to do it. Before you get back its already where you left it. 

Go Green
Save Money!

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Combining data allows technologies to decide ideal operation times and optimise energy-efficiency. With that comes money saving for owners of a smart thermostat.

Making buildings more energy-efficient is a money saving measure that is also crucial to tackling climate change.

The Smart Part

Smart controls can learn the temperature preferences of a building’s occupants.

Automation will always make the most of the situation but requires sensory data, such as indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity and occupancy status.

Sensors on a Nest include:

Temperature, Humidity, Proximity, Ambient light 

Old Thermostats….Just two

On a predetermined schedule its controlled by current temperature and time, using just two variables. Algorithms however are “event-triggered,” meaning they make decisions only when certain events occur. Will your thermostat adapt for the weather?

Robust design

How Green is it?

With the history in the app find out where you’ve made losses or gains

You don’t have to do anything differently. After installation, set your schedule then you maybe you will not even notice its energy saving work, because it happens when you’re not at home.


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