Nest Pro London 🧰 Nest Thermostat with Installation

Nest Installation - Why Get One?

So far, there is no silver bullet to climate change and there’s no one person or company that is solving it. Instead it takes all of us, it takes all our ideas.

Nest knew the average household waste a huge chunk of energy when the thermostat is left set at the same temperature all day.

Asking someone to turn their thermostat down because it’s good for the planet (even by just one degree) may not realistically happen. Mainly because we are motivated to do the right thing but only so far as it’s convenient. 

Solving a problem in a way that is better for more people needs a human-centered design with an app for automation that does it for you.

With adjustments based on weather patterns, time of day or energy consumption spikes, the nest all while looking good makes doing the right thing the easiest option