Nest Pro London 🧰 Nest Thermostat with Installation

What is a Nest Pro?

A Nest Pro is a company that has registered with google’s Nest Pro Search site. Each company will qualify to fit some or all Nest of the products. 

The Nest Pro’s are given a Pro ID to identify the company installing to Google. Also for warranty purposes.  

Customers can then leave reviews about the Nest Pro service provider and new customers can see them.

Although a Nest Pro is not an individual, the business endorsed may have just one employee. Reviews would be based most likely on an individual technician. Larger companies maybe staff turnover agency employment and subcontracting leaves things a little open. 

Although the Nest Pro Site ensures qualifications as some products require professionals in the UK, there is currently no test to pass or mandatory training involved

Do you need a Nest Pro?

Sometimes yes. Sometimes it’s just easier.