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Why We Choose Nest Thermostat Third-Gen

The Nest thermostat in the United Kingdom features likewise to other thermostats. Users adjust the settings, and the boiler heats up until the desired temperature is reached.

The difference is that the nest is intelligent; it learns your heating patterns, turns down the central heating when not in use, and calculates how long it will take to heat your home to the desired temperature based on the weather and the characteristics of your home or flat.

What are the features of Nest Thermostat Third-Gen?

Hot water control: From the thermostat or your phone, you can give a hot water boost and adjust the schedule. It is compatible with Auto-away and shuts down the tank heater after two days.

Larger, higher-resolution display: the display is now 53mm across, up from 44mm, and has a 480×480 resolution rather than 320×320. A new Farsight mode allows you to configure the display to show the target temperature or a clock so that you can see it from across the room.

The Nest assists the boiler in calculating the exact amount of gas to burn in order to reach or maintain the desired temperature. This should save energy while also extending the life of your heating system by using it less.

How to Setup the Nest Thermostat Third-Gen

The Nest is very easy to set up. Most people will have a heating engineer install the essential Heat Link box on their boiler and the Nest on the wall in the desired location.

It can be wirelessly linked to the Heat Link and your boiler. When connected wirelessly, the thermostat requires a micro-USB power adapter, which is included with the stand not the thermostat,. so remember then it must be relatively close to a plug socket.

How much does a Nest Thermostat cost?

Nest Thermostat London


The Nest Learning Thermostat, third generation, costs £219 from Google or £260 with professional installation from Nest Pro London