Nest Pro London 🧰 Nest Thermostat with Installation

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The Nest Learning Thermostat App

Nest Heating
The app
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Mode ↓

Nest thermostat page on app with red arrow pointing to mode button
Nest Thermostat app mode button pushed display

Mode button

Mode ↑

In the summer time or if you go on holiday, use this to turn your heating off.

You still have frost protection or safety temperature. (Absolute minimum) 

This should stop pipes from freezing in the winter. Default is 4.5°C  

Nest Thermostat eco mode

Eco Mode

Eco Mode ↑

This lowers the temperature when everyone is out to save money.

Its automated, you don’t need to open your phone or remember.

By learning how long it takes to heat up your home and compensating for the weather, the temperature is back where you left it by the time you get home. 

Using your phone’s location eco mode starts within 5 minutes or up to 2 hours of the home being empty. 

Nest app home screen red arrow pointing to schedule button


Schedule ↑

Tap schedule then turn your phone to the side and click on a day.

In the bottom right corner click add a marker.

Press and hold it then drag it to where you want.

Up and down is temperature.

Left and right is time.

You can copy and paste a day, pressing and holding on a blank part of the screen.

Nest app history


History ↑

Shows usage, when the weather effected things, if eco mode kicked in, if you used more or less heating than usual. 

Click on the orange bar to see more detail. 

Setting nest thermostat app



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