Nest Pro London 🧰 Nest Thermostat with Installation

Pairing the Heat Link Wireless Connection

Pairing the heat link wirelessly to the display may have failed, even with a wired connection.

It may pair wired but will not pair wirelessly or maybe not pair at all, with or without a wired connection. Here’s what to do:

  • Find your heat link. Push and hold the button for 30 seconds until it turns pulsing blue. Time it don’t guess. Wait ten seconds then do it again. You have reset it twice. 
  • On your thermostat select replace heat link. Enter the entry key. Taken from your previous display or printed on the heat link cover and below the left hand side screw hole.


If this fails move the thermostat closer and repeat the process. Last resort, reset the display holding it in your hand pressing and holding for one minute. Then with a wired connection try again.  

nest thermostat with heat link
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