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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About the Nest Hello Video Doorbell

  • What does the nest Hello video doorbell required for installation?

A drill

Many don’t own one but could borrow one. The drill bit is provided with the nest. It should be fine for getting through most door frames. 

 A chime.

There’s a long list of compatible chimes available, prices around £20.  

A transformer 

Many people use a plug to power their Nest video doorbell. Clipping the wire to skirting board and wiring it in to the chime mounted near the plugs location. 

  • Why do professionals charge so much for installation?

Every house is different. The nearest power source to the front could be in the far end of the back garden. The expectations is to find the best possible solution in all the various circumstances. Each install needs planning and to be optimised for the neighbourhood. Weather can also be a factor when booking. 

  • Common questions: 

Where is the video going to cover? Could someone steal it without being seen? 

The time it takes, the stress, the need for tools. Its is all taken away with professional installation. We do it all for you.

Any more questions please get in touch

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