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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About the Nest Hello Video Doorbell

What do you need to install the Nest Hello video doorbell?

  • A drill (if you don’t have one, you can borrow one or rent it from a hardware store)
  • A drill bit (the drill bit is included with the Nest Hello)
  • A chime (there are many compatible chimes available, starting at around £20)
  • A transformer (if your existing doorbell transformer doesn’t provide enough power, you’ll need to upgrade it)

What are the factors that contribute to the high cost of professional installation for Nest Hello?

There are a few reasons why professionals charge more for Nest Hello installation than you might expect:

  • Every house is different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all installation process. Professionals need to take the time to assess your home’s specific needs and find the best solution for you.
  • Professional installers have the skills and experience to get the job done right. They know how to safely and securely install the Nest Hello doorbell, and they can troubleshoot any problems that may arise.
  • Professional installers offer a warranty on their work. This means that you can be confident that your Nest Hello doorbell will be installed correctly and that you’ll be covered if anything goes wrong.

Common questions about Nest Hello installation

  • Where will the video cover? Could someone steal it without being seen?

The Nest Hello doorbell has a 160-degree field of view, so it can see a wide area around your front door. It’s also weatherproof, so it can withstand the elements. If someone tries to steal the Nest Hello doorbell, they’ll be alerted by the built-in motion sensor and the sound of the doorbell.

  • Is a smart doorbell a good investment?

A smart doorbell is a great way to keep your home safe and secure. It can help you see who’s at your door, even when you’re not home. It can also record video of any suspicious activity, which can be helpful if you need to report a crime.

  • How long does it take to install a Nest Hello doorbell?

The installation time will vary depending on the specific circumstances of your home. However, most professional installers can install a Nest Hello doorbell in about an hour.

If you’re considering installing a Nest Hello doorbell, we recommend hiring a professional. They can help you choose the right chime and transformer for your home, and they can ensure that the doorbell is installed correctly and securely.


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